Annualised Hours

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What's the deal with annualised hours?

In simple words, an annualised hours contract allows team members to work a set number of hours, all mapped out in a 12-month rota with any overtime shifts scheduled week by week. A Parkdean Resorts team member will work their normal seasonal hours as they usually do, so it doesn't mean working every week of the year. The only difference is that their annual pay will be split into 12 equal monthly payments. 

This means that even during periods when our 66 parks our closed, those on annualised hours contracts will still receive their average monthly wage.

How an annualised hours contract may benefit you.

Being able to offer seasonal team members annualised hours means we can provide great people permanent contracts that allow greater flexibility and more job security. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Steady wage all year round
  • Increased holiday entitlement 
  • Company sick pay

We realise this contract may not be suitable for everyone, so be sure to be fully in the know before accepting a new annualised hours contract. You can find a list of FAQs below and managers can answer any additional questions to help someone decide if this is right for them.

How annualised hours contracts benefit Parkdean Resorts. 

Annualised hours contracts are also great news for the business! Not only do the new contracts give managers another means to reward great seasonal team members who return year after year to work on our parks, but it also encouraged and promotes team longevity. It allows us to focus on developing and progressing people’s careers at Parkdean Resorts. 

It’s also a fabulous attraction tool to recruit fresh talent, allowing our parks to be fully staffed so everyone can deliver our guests and owners the very best experience.

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Yes, an annualised hours contract is a permanent contract.

All annualised hours contracts start on the 1st of March each year and the pot of annual hours finishes at the end of February the following year, before starting again on the 1st March. The contract is continuous and your monthly pay will remain the same (pay rates are reviewed annually).

For the months that rota hours are more than average weekly hours (calculated over a 52 week period to work out the salary) you will be paid less than hours worked. However, this effectively corrects itself across the 12 month period. For example, if the average weekly hours were 27 and the person was working 40 hours per week in the higher season periods, they would receive less pay than the hours worked. However, they would still receive 27 hours per week pay even in the months they are not working at all or where your rota weekly hours are less than 27. This can be confusing initially, managers will be happy to explain in more detail.

If a team member works over their allocated hours, they will be paid overtime the following month

We will not be operating rollover hours. Therefore, there will always have to be a reason for any hours not worked e.g., holiday, sickness, or unpaid leave.

Rest pay / breaks entitlement remains the same based on how many hours you work during the shift that day.

For year 1 of the contract, you are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday leave, the same as an established person at that level. Depending on the type and length of the rota pattern, there may be a stipulation that someone is allowed to take up to 3 weeks of their entitlement during the rota pattern and the remainder will be deducted in December at the end of the holiday year. This will be explained and outlined in the contract of employment.

Sick hours are deducted from your total annualised hours pot and you will be paid contractual sick pay / statutory sick pay / unpaid once the 26 weeks statutory sick pay expires, whichever is relevant to the point in time you are off sick.

Calculations for total annual pay are based on total hours worked in the rota plus holiday entitlement pay. Soo no matter when you take the holiday, it is paid for in the total pay averaged across the 12 months. This is so people are not disadvantaged taking holiday when parks are closed.

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