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Being  a Complex Manager 

As a Complex Manager at Parkdean Resorts, you're like the conductor of an awesome guest experience orchestra. Your main gig is making sure everything at the complex and retail spots runs super smooth so our guests leave with big smiles. That means keeping a close eye on stock, sticking to budgets without breaking a sweat, and finding clever ways to boost those cash flows beyond our goals. 

You'll be the budget wizard, making sure we hit our targets in retail, food, and drinks, and doing those oh-so-fun stock takes and line checks. But it's not all numbers and inventory - you'll also be Captain Complexity, rallying our amazing team to give top-notch customer service every single day. Oh, and when the park General Manager is off-duty, you step up and take charge. Ready to dive in and make magic happen?

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Complex Manager Benefits

A great salary

Our Complex Managers earn a great salary with the average salary ranging between £40,000 and £60,000 per annum depending on park size and location.

Career progression

Complex Managers at Parkdean Resorts have a direct career pathway into Park Management roles via development programmes and qualifications.

Pockets full of perks

The people of Parkdean all receive up to 50% off holidays with us, plus 30% off food, drinks and activities and five 25% off friends and family bookings per year.

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