Onwards And Upwards At Parkdean Resorts

Posting date: 23/12/2022

“I feel lucky that I have the support of my team to continue to develop and progress my career, moving into new challenges and acquiring new and exciting responsibilities.”

With over 250 careers (all coming in various shapes and sizes) available at Parkdean Resorts, we’re spending some time with Kelsy Mavin, Sub-Hire Capacity Manager based in our central hub in Gosforth, Newcastle. Born and bred in the local area, Kelsy is big on sports and when she isn’t playing regional level Netball with her team, she is kayaking and climbing outdoors with friends and family or driving around in her beloved Nissan Figaro. Ask Kelsy what she feels passionately for outside of work and her response is immediate. “I can’t stress how important my friends and family are to me and, in particular, my little best friend Harley who’s my 7-year-old nephew and amazing at snooker! We’ve tasked ourselves to visit as many football stadiums as possible; within the last 3-months we’ve ticked of St. James Park and the Old Trafford!”

Now in her 14th year with us, it is evident from the minute we sit down for our chat that Kelsy is super passionate about what she does and has always remembered feeling that way towards the travel industry, even when she was younger. That’s not to say Kelsy hasn’t dipped her toes in various other areas. In the middle of what Kelsy describes as a "hairdresser and midwife culture" during her teenage years, she planned to study hairdressing at college before swiftly changing course to join her brother in the British Army where she stayed for 4 years. Kelsy’s interest in the travel industry inspired her to pick up a job as a Check in Agent at her local airport, with the idea that this could help her decide if she wanted to start a career as an Air Hostess. Luckily for us, Kelsy decided to join the family at Parkdean Resorts in our fun and bustling Call Centre instead, and since then, has never looked back.

In the same way that Kelsy loves to push herself outside of work, having recently smashed her target of completing the Yorkshire 3 peaks in 11 hours, Kelsy also likes to push herself in her career at Parkdean Resorts. When speaking of her accomplishments, Kelsy says, "the biggest highlight for me has been my development throughout the years. After 9 months in the contact centre, I was approached about an opportunity in the Revenue team. Since then, I’ve been a part of a lot of exciting projects which has resulted in my current role becoming an exceptionally varied one." This variation in Kelsy’s role has also allowed her to speak to "so many people in the business, that I have acquired a huge amount of knowledge that spans various departments.’

When asked what she loves most about working at Parkdean Resorts, Kelsy says, “It’s definitely the people culture here, it’s got a real family feel and we’re all close. You also get so many opportunities to visit and stay on our parks too, which are in some fantastic locations.” Kelsy goes on to compliment and praise her team, stressing the importance of having fun at work: “team revenue are a very social and fun-driven team and we’re always doing activities like our famous POD Warz, a game where we compete in a number of challenges for points, to keep everyone engaged.”

We wonder who will end up on top? For a career with more fun, join the family at Parkdean Resorts!

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