Holiday Jobs in Dorset: The Benefits of a Summer Job

Posting date: 28/09/2023

Holiday Jobs in Dorset: The Benefits of a Summer Job

Are you looking for a fun and rewarding way to spend your summer? Why not consider a holiday park job? Summer jobs not only provide you with valuable work experience that will look great on your CV, but also offer a host of other benefits that can make the holidays feel unforgettable. In this blog, we'll delve into everything you need to know about applying for a summer job in Dorset, particularly with Parkdean Resorts. From the perks of working at a holiday resort to the highlights of what Dorset has to offer, let's explore why a summer job could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Why Should I Apply for a Summer Job?

Working a summer job can be great for a whole number of reasons that can positively impact various aspects of your life. Whether you're a student, a teacher or simply someone looking to earn some extra income during the holiday season, a holiday job in Dorset may well be the perfect fit for you.

Financial Independence

A summer job offers you the chance to earn your own money, giving you a sense of financial independence and responsibility. Whether you're saving up for a future endeavour or planning a dream holiday, having your own income can make it all possible.

Skills and Experience

As with any kind of job, summer jobs provide an excellent opportunity to develop essential skills that will be valuable throughout your life. From communication and problem-solving to teamwork and time management, all of these skills are transferable and are sought after by employers in countless industries, meaning that having them in your skillset can significantly enhance your employability in the future.

Networking Opportunities

Working in a holiday park like Parkdean Resorts can expose you to a diverse group of people that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet, including fellow employees, supervisors and guests. Building a strong network can open doors to potential career opportunities - and not to mention the potential for lifelong friendships!

Time Management

Balancing work commitments with personal activities during the summer can help improve your time management skills. Learning how to manage your time efficiently is a valuable skill that can benefit you personally, academically and professionally.

Is a Summer Job Right For Me?

If you’re interested in pursuing a summer job but aren’t sure whether you’re the right fit, you’d be surprised by how many unique advantages they can offer to different groups of people. Let's take a closer look at how a summer job can be specifically beneficial for teens and teachers seeking holiday work.

Benefits for Teens

For teenagers, a summer job is more than just a way to earn money. It provides an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, gain independence and learn responsibility. Working in a holiday park like Parkdean Resorts can be particularly rewarding for teens as they get to interact with guests, make new friends and experience a dynamic work environment.

On top of this, summer jobs can be an excellent way for teens to explore potential career paths. Whether they work as part of the entertainment team, assist in the restaurants or help with administrative tasks, they'll gain invaluable insights into a variety of different industries and roles.

Benefits for Teachers

For teachers, the summer break offers a chance to take up temporary employment and supplement their income. A holiday job in Dorset can be an attractive option for educators looking for a change of pace during the holidays. Working as a lifeguard or summer bar staff member at Parkdean Resorts holiday park allows teachers to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and local culture while also making the most of their professional expertise.

It’s no secret that being a teacher can be a both physically and emotionally demanding role, and oftentimes a change of pace can be a welcome break. A summer job with Parkdean Resorts grants teachers with a unique opportunity to unwind and recharge after a demanding academic year. Engaging in a different job role can provide a refreshing perspective and even alleviate any built-up stress.

Why Choose Parkdean Resorts?

Choosing to work a summer job with Parkdean Resorts comes with its own set of perks. Being a renowned holiday park company with sites throughout the UK, the benefits of working with Parkdean over another company are guaranteed to enhance your overall summer job experience.

Staff Discounts and Offers

As a Parkdean Resorts employee, you can avail exciting staff discounts on accommodation and facilities across all their holiday parks. This means you can plan your own holiday or weekend getaway with your friends and family, making the most of your time off.

Career Development

Parkdean Resorts is committed to supporting the growth and development of its staff. Whether you're looking to gain valuable work experience or aiming to climb the career ladder, Parkdean offers training and development opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

Team Environment

Joining the Parkdean team means becoming part of a welcoming and friendly work environment. Working alongside like-minded individuals can make your summer job all the more enjoyable and rewarding, and you may even make some lifelong friends!

Working by the Coast

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of working with Parkdean Resorts is the chance to work by the beautiful Dorset coastline. Enjoy stunning sunsets, sandy beaches and the fresh sea breeze as you make memories that will last a lifetime.

What Does Dorset Have to Offer?

Dorset is a county blessed with natural beauty, rich history and a plethora of attractions that make it a top destination for tourists. Here are some of the best parts of Dorset that make it a truly special place, and why you should consider it as your destination for a summer job at Parkdean:

The Jurassic Coast

Dorset is perhaps most famous for its sprawling coastline, otherwise known as the Jurassic Coast. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast features stunning cliff formations, unparalleled views and fossils dating back millions of years. With all three of Parkdean Resorts’ Dorset-based holiday parks situated just moments away from this coastline, Dorset is an easy sell for nature lovers and geology enthusiasts.

Durdle Door

This iconic natural limestone arch that juts out of the sea is one of Dorset’s most infamous landmarks. It provides a picturesque setting for hiking, swimming and capturing special photographs.

Stunning Beaches

Dorset boasts an endless number of beautiful sandy beaches, including Studland Bay, Weymouth and Swanage, where visitors can enjoy sunbathing, beach walks and watersports.

Picturesque Villages

Dorset is dotted with quaint villages such as Corfe Castle, Cenre Abbas and Abbotsbury. These villages showcase quintessential English countryside charm with thatched cottages and historic landmarks.

Cultural Heritage

Dorset has a rich and intriguing heritage, and tourists often flock to its shores to soak up the atmosphere of bygone eras. One great example of this is its significant literary history, as it is the birthplace of famous English novelist Thomas Hardy - author of Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Far From the Madding Crowd. Visitors can explore Hardy’s cottage in Bockhampton, as well as the stunning landscapes that inspired his works.

Outdoor Activities

Dorset provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, sailing and rock climbing. The scenic landscapes make it an ideal destination for sports and adventure lovers. 

Explore Our Range of Parkdean Vacancies Today

It’s safe to say that working a summer job in Dorset with Parkdean Resorts can be an enriching experience for a wide number of reasons. Whether you're a teen looking to gain work experience or a teacher seeking a rewarding way to spend your summer break, a holiday job with Parkdean Resorts can be the perfect choice.

Whether you’re interested in working by the pool as a lifeguard, behind the bar or in the sales office, we always have a diverse range of roles ready for you to apply to. Our recruitment process is simple and you can submit your application in just a few short clicks. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity: check out our current vacancies page to get started and make this a summer that’s truly unforgettable!

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