Jobs in East Anglia: The Range of Opportunities Available

Posting date: 28/09/2023

Jobs in East Anglia: The Range of Opportunities Available

Getting a summer job can be a great opportunity for anyone, and there are so many opportunities out there! We have created a guide to the East Anglia area as well as a breakdown of summer jobs and opportunities we offer here at Parkdean! To find out more about how you could spend your summer, keep on reading!

East Anglia: What Makes It So Special?

For those who have never been to East Anglia, or aren’t particularly familiar with the region, it’s a beautiful area found on the East of England. It is a region north of London, encompassing the East Coast of the UK, covering counties such as Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

So, what makes it so special? There are a range of factors that make East Anglia such an attractive place to visit! With a range of culture, beautiful villages and the rural countryside, East Anglia is rich in both scenery and history. Tourism brings in a steady flow of income to this area and with good reason. A few ideas of things to do could include:

    • Norfolk and Suffolk beaches
    • Visit Cambridge for a day out
    • Norwich Castle
    • Head to the coast

With a range of excellent locations and great transport links into London and surrounding areas, East Anglia is a great place to work! The properties in this region of England range from grand gorgeous homes to quaint cottages and sleek apartments, however, the prices reflect the influence of London and living in East Anglia can be more on the expensive side.

Opportunities In East Anglia

With an influx of tourism during the summer and on the East Coast in general, East Anglia has a range of job opportunities. Also, with excellent transport links from London and other areas,  commuting to this region is nice and simple. The opportunities in this area can range from tourism industries, hospitality and retail so there is definitely something for everyone!

Seasonal Work In East Anglia

Seasonal work, or a summer job is a part-time or temporary job to meet a business demand for a set amount of time. In this case, during the summer, when tourism is rife and the schools have broken up for the year, there is an increased need for staff in particular industries. Summer jobs offer temporary work over these months to help in restaurants, shops and other tourist oriented businesses. It can offer a range of benefits for anyone who takes on the temporary role. 

East Anglia thrives off of tourism, especially during the summer months, meaning there are a range of job opportunities and seasonal work available. If you haven’t considered taking on a summer job or any kind of seasonal work, these benefits could inspire you to look for a job over the summer!

Why Should I Take On Seasonal Work?

There are a range of reasons as to why seasonal work can benefit you, keep reading to find out more!

  • Extra Cash - For students or anyone who has a summer break, using these months to get a job can bring in some extra, well-needed cash! It gives you an opportunity to make and save some money which is a great life skill to develop early on. Additionally, when you go back to university or your studies, you have the money you have earnt to help you out.
  • Meeting New People - Seasonal work is great for meeting new people and developing connections in a short space of time! You will be seeing new people at work every day, mingling with staff members and most likely interacting with customers on a day to day basis.
  • Learning New Skills / Developing Your Skills - A summer job, or seasonal work is an excellent way to develop your current skills, or to learn a new one! If you feel like trying something different, this is the perfect opportunity to jump headfirst into something new! This can work to your advantage, because the nature of seasonal work is temporary, if you end up not enjoying yourself, you won’t be stuck there forever. On the other hand, if you end up really enjoying the work you do, you are already narrowing down the industries or skills that you enjoy and are good at.
  • Great For Your CV - Having done some work over the summer is a great way to showcase your initiative. It's an excellent thing to be able to put on your CV, including your job responsibilities and the skills that you learned throughout your time. When it comes to looking for a job, these examples of your initiative can put you further ahead.  It will show your employer that you have been filling your time with productive activities and developing your skills.
  • Time Management - Having a job over the summer can motivate you to get into a good routine, be punctual and on time to your job. Aside from the skills you develop on the job itself, having seasonal work can help you develop other life skills that will reflect in your working life.
  • Confidence - Taking on seasonal work can help boost your confidence a lot! By meeting new people, engaging in customer service and learning new skills can help you feel more rounded and confident in all walks of life. It can teach you that trying something new doesn’t need to be scary and you can learn a lot from these experiences.
  •  Valuable Job Experience - This may sound like an obvious benefit, however it is an amalgamation of all the reasons we’ve already outlined. Overall, taking on summer work is extremely valuable job experience for when it comes to entering the working world. From time management and being punctual to communication skills, taking on seasonal work can help prepare you and set you up with the relevant skills to take into your working life.


Parkdean Vacancies: Chef Job Roles to Retail Supervisors

Parkdean Resorts are all across the UK, so if you are in the East Anglia Area, we have a range of opportunities for you to take on a summer job. Some of our locations include:

Breydon Water Holiday Park, Norfolk

This beautiful marvel of beauty is a fantastic place for history lovers and an adventurous time. We have a range of job opportunities at this location, which you can browse here.

California Cliffs Holiday Park, Norfolk 

California Cliffs is another Norfolk based holiday park, with a range of things to see and fun activities on offer too.

We offer an extensive range of job opportunities here at California Cliffs Holiday Park. From retail to hospitality, kitchen staff and even store supervisor roles. Head to our website to see the full list of opportunities we are offering.

Cherry Tree Holiday Park, Norfolk

Cherry Tree is another one of our beautiful parks, with a range of activities and fantastic attractions nearby, you’ll never run out of things to do here. Our roles for Cherry Tree Holiday Park include:

  • Cleaner Summer Job
  • Chef
  • Bar Staff
  • Security Officer

If any of these roles sound like your cup of tea, head to our website to find out more!

Kessingland Beach Holiday Park, Suffolk

Our award-winning holiday park at Kessingland Beach is right on the doorstep of Suffolk beach, a beautiful area to visit with the family! We offer two roles at this location including Security Officer and Holiday Home Sales Administrator. If this sounds like something you have the skill set for, you can read more about the roles on our website!

Contact Us

We offer a wide range of jobs at Parkdean Resorts within all of our locations across the UK, we provide a range of job opportunities in each location. You can visit our website to browse all of our opportunities, or to see what we do here at Parkdean.

For further enquiries or to find out more about our recruitment process, feel free to contact us today! Our team will be happy to talk to you and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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