A Day in the Life of IT Support

Posting date: 20/12/2022

I got into IT around 17 years ago when I left school and started my apprenticeship. After getting my qualifications I wanted to gain as much experience and knowledge as I could, starting with things like installations and IT requests and just moving my way up. After various jobs I joined Parkdean Resorts about a year ago as a contractor and at the end of my term, was offered a permanent role which I was really chuffed about as I love it here and enjoy the people I was working with. My main job role is to focus on new starts, service requests and hardware requests. I love IT as there’s always something new to focus on and no 2 days are the same. For example, if there’s an outage all my focus will be there or if we have new starts coming in the business, I tend to focus on that. Day to day you have your general jobs to do like the service desk, password resets that kind of thing but IT can vary and that’s what I love most.

I love what I do mostly for the good work life balance IT offers. I’m based in the head office which means once I leave, I can switch off and spend time with my son or doing the things I enjoy. We have a dedicated team on hand if something does go wrong. There’s nothing better than meeting up with mates for a pint and to watch the football at the end of a long work week.

If someone was looking to get into IT I would tell them to get qualified. The more you know, the further you’ll get and having a personal interest within the IT world helps. Network and speak to as many people as you can as the more you know the stronger your career will be. There are so many apprenticeships out there and the one I did was IT practitioner. The best thing about getting into IT is you don’t really need previous experience - a general knowledge about IT as well as a little bit of education is enough to get you started. A lot of the learning happens on the job!

I’ve had a lot of support from Parkdean Resorts to develop my career, from helping on service desk and working with new starts. The opportunities are huge in IT at the moment - it’s just about looking for the right ones.

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