10 reasons to bring your IT career to Parkdean

Posting date: 18/06/2024

If hospitality is the stage, our IT professionals are the superstar backstage crew. Working behind the scenes to make sure every project and digital interaction runs smoothly for our teams and holidaymakers. 

Chasing an IT career is rewarding for so many reasons. Problem-solving, continuous learning, and a diverse range of opportunities are just a few things that make up a tech role.

But what exactly does an IT career path at Parkdean look like? Well, first off, don’t just take it from us! Check out this day-in-the-life from one of our awesome IT support team for some real-life insight. 

Ready to reboot your career? Read on for 10 reasons to bring your IT career to Parkdean. 

Why choose a career in IT at Parkdean?

From people looking to switch careers, to people well on their tech journey, there’s something for everyone at Parkdean. We’ve put together some pretty convincing reasons why your next step could be as part of our IT team.

1. Career progression

It’s no secret that IT roles are in high demand, so why not get involved in the kind of job that is bound to open up doors and futureproof your career? 

IT and project management roles definitely open up the chance for an adventure where you can code your way to success, especially within Parkdean! 

2. Discounted holidays

You won’t just be gaining technical experience in one of our hands-on IT roles. You’ll also enjoy some nice perks when it comes to discounts on your holidays. After all, we want our team members to experience amazing holidays at Parkdean Resorts, just like our holidaymakers do.

3. Continuous learning 

When you work in IT, the learning never stops! 

Whether you’re staying up to date on the latest trends or mastering programming languages, there’s a lot of chance to expand your knowledge and skills. 

4. Stunning locations

From Cornwall and Yorkshire to the Lake District and Scotland, we’ve got a lot of beautiful locations to offer our team and our holidaymakers. Jump on board the Parkdean train for a refreshing change of scenery in your IT career. 

5. CV development

We really want to create unforgettable memories for our people as well as our holidaymakers. We care about their future and invest in their development with clear career pathways and opportunities to obtain recognised qualifications. And hey, who doesn’t love a shiny new certificate and the chance to spice up your CV?

6. A fun, collaborative, and inclusive environment

Whatever we’re doing, wherever we are, and whoever we’re with, you can be sure we’ll be having a laugh. We care about engaging our employees as well as empowering them, and it doesn’t just stop there. Diversity and inclusion are so important to us - consider yourself in good hands!

7. Sustainability and social responsibility

Joining our IT team means not only flexing your tech skills but also getting involved in meaningful initiatives that benefit local communities.

We’ve worked with the Marine Conservation Society to participate in the Great British Beach Clean. It’s so important to us to give back to the beautiful areas that surround us. If that sounds like something you can get behind, come join us and be a part of the team that organises awesome initiatives like this.

8. Leadership

Joining our IT crew isn’t just about fixing glitches - it’s about embracing the chance to become a leader too. With our Mastering Business Leadership programme and our Leading the Way Academy, you’ve got a real chance to show off your skills and grow. 

9. Wellness

Wellbeing shouldn’t just be a buzzword - it should mean something. That’s why we have our Employee Assistance Programme to help people with proactive wellbeing support and confidential counselling. 

10. Work-life balance

We know work-life balance is important, and why shouldn’t it be? With one of our IT careers, you’ll be able to follow your passions outside of work, all while growing in your day-to-day. 

One of our tech-savvy troubleshooters commented: “I love what I do mostly for the good work-life balance IT offers. I’m based in the head office which means once I leave, I can switch off and spend time with my son or doing the things I enjoy.”

Ctrl + alt + apply: Join our IT crew today!

From some pretty nice perks to working somewhere that champions good causes as well as investing in their team, there are plenty of reasons to consider bringing your IT career to Parkdean. 

Make sure to check out our open vacancies today and sign up to receive alerts!

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